The Only Magnetic Barbell Pad.

A new and effective way to perform Barbell Weighted Hip Thrusts is here. LiftMo’s revolutionary patent pending innovation that allows users to increase the weight load without sacrificing comfort. No more adjusting rolled up yoga mats, or trying to keep your barbell pad in place. LiftMo magnetically attaches to the barbell for easy application and removal.


Click. Roll. LiftMo!

Improve Your Lifts

Protect Your Hips

Our innovative product is designed to drastically lower PSI (a unit of pressure.) This is due to our weight-distributing surface area and 3 inch thick padding.

Upgrade Your Barbell Pad

Pain Free Hip Thrusts

LiftMo’s weight distribution technology ensures your hips remain comfortable so you can focus on achieving peak performance and crushing your fitness goals. LiftMo also allows for users to perform Bulgarian Split Squats with ease. Simply rest your ankle on it, and LiftMo moves in sync with each lunge.

With LiftMo I No Longer Have Hip Bone Pain.

"I'm super glad I found Liftmo because the magnetic barbell pad has done absolutely wonders for me. It's super easy to attach to my barbell and has a sleek design. I'll do hip thrusts and glute bridges and with my old foam pad my hip bones were absolutely killing me. Liftmo's magnetic barbell pad solved my issue and I no longer have hip bone pain, it seriously works. I love my Liftmo & I recommend it to anyone who wants to work on strengthening their legs and glutes."

- Piper P.

No More Excuses When Leg Day Arrives!

"Hip thrusts are a frequent exercise in my glute/leg routine. I have not been able to increase my usual thrust weight because if I go heavier, I bruise my hips bones horribly. Typical barbell pads and foam products that I have used to to help me with this pain, do not work. I came across LiftMo and decided to try it out. It really has been a game changer for me. It helps distribute the weight to it's not crushing my hip bones, and now I can start to add more weight to my lift."

-Summer S.

How Will You LiftMo?